Thoughts that blossoms in my mind

Hello friends

i watched Taare_Zameen_Par just recently.It depicted events that took me to my early school days,with my grandma just standing outside my classroom and seeing me,i use 2 cry.Children's world is so beautiful,they enjoy the moments without expectations.

I am in stage of watching the beauties of the children's world.But I like to just jump to happy moments.

New Thought

This is a thing that i noticed about myself

I am guy ,who fears for


The World Changes
The Materials around me Changes
The Life around me Changes
The Mentality Changes
The Physical Organs everytime has its Changes
The Human Mind does not accept all the Changes

But i am holding on to same old things, Without Change,but has to change

I try to change

Natural Lovers

Hello Guys,u can share about ur thoughts about the existence u crossed through


I am happy to make my first post today,we can share our thoughts here